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"""Module to run phonopy. Assumes phonopy in PATH."""
from import Vasprun
import os
from import PhonopyInputs

[docs]def run_phonopy(path="MAIN-ELAST"): """Run phonopy.""" os.chdir(path) try: vrun = Vasprun(os.path.join(path, "vasprun.xml")) atoms = vrun.all_structures[-1] PhonopyInputs(atoms=atoms).generate_all_files() cmd = "phonopy -p meshdos.conf" os.system(cmd) cmd = "phonopy -t meshdos.conf" os.system(cmd) cmd = "phonopy -p bandd.conf" os.system(cmd) cmd = "bandplot -o PBAND.png" os.system(cmd) except Exception as exp: print("Cannot run phonopy. Check phonopy PATH and vasprun.", exp) pass